Fine Jewelry and Tailor-Made Pieces
24 Place Vendôme, Paris

Current Collection

Michel Ermelin à Shanghai.

When the historians will come to talk of Michel Ermelin, designer of Verney jewelry, they can safely describe him as one of the fore-runners of the new classicism in French jewelry.

Michel displays brilliant originality by assembling gems in structures calling for highly developed technical skill. They are greatly admired by connoisseurs on which the exuberant  creativity of this master jeweler is built.

Mariages de diamants, De Beers

Tailor-Made and Rebirth

The woman of today creates her own image, she wants it different, discret, a bit mysterious; for others to discover.

Just as our clients, the pieces of Verney Paris are unique and singular.

As well as the created collections, Verney Vendôme Paris is a specialist of the Re-Birth of new pieces, constructed from jewelry which you no longer enjoy wearing.

Verney Paris proposes also a repair service, for your jewels and watches.