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Verney and the new classicism

Michel Ermelin BattistiniWhen the jewelry historians come to talk of Michel Ermelin Battistini, they will, without any fear of contradiction, be able to call him the designer who invented the new classicism in french jewelry. Paris is the undisputed world center of jewelry creation, just as it is of high fashion. A galaxy of creators have always worked for the Courts and for the great figures of the world, covering them in the finest of jewels. They have left their mark on the different periods, with original new styles and techniques, contributing to the prestige and fame of french jewelry the world over.

Our era is above all, marked by the very strong influence of fashion, amplified by the effect of the media. A true designer does not simply follow fashion, he creates it. He originates trends which become landmarks in his art and are taken up and later developed by other artists. Nevertheless these trends have completely altered the way people think nowadays. Michel Ermelin’s great merit is that he has understood this development but, instead of creating models with a more democratic appeal, he has invented a new style of jewelry which is ideally suited to the 21 th century way of life.
When looking at the creations, you immediately have an impression of sumptuous simplicity. The contrast between the rich colors of the stones and the severe lines of the jewelry is a paradox which the talent of the artist has transformed into perfect harmony. They are greatly admired by connoisseurs for their remarkable refinement, Harmony of colors and balance of forms. This is the foundations on which the exuberant creativity of this new master jeweler is built.

L’officiel de la mode

Pour l’amour des pierres

Descendant d’une longue lignée de joaillers monégasques, Michel Ermelin s’est naturellement tourné vers cette tradition familiale après l’avoir éludée un temps. Le travail des pierres, il l’a appris sur le tas… Lire la suite


How to spend it

A bright spark in the office

More women are investing in diamonds for daytime – and, says Vivienne Becker, they’re increasingly adventurous in the styles they choose for the office. Lire la suite

Michel Ermelin – The merry Man


Under the brand, Verney Evolution, each piece of jewellery by Michel Ermelin speaks of joy. As one of the most influential Parisian designers today, Ermelin creates cheery pieces integrating elements of exquisite movement, suppleness and delightful surprise…Lire la suite


Bejeweled Advocate

Verney Joailliers – A medley of diamonds

Verney, one of Paris’s reputable Place Vendome jewelers, published a charming book, presenting a selection of jewelry designs that have strongly been of influence since the 1980s.Lire la suite


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